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This version of the Jamaica Invasive Species Database (JISD) is an open source, SQL version of a database template developed by the Invasive Species Information Network of the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN). Jamaica is represented on I3N by the Jamaica Clearing House Mechanism (Jamaica CHM) at the Natural History Museum of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding for the Co-Management of Jamaica's Invasive Species Information Network, the Institute of Jamaica remains the lead entity for database content with partner entity, the National Spatial Data Management Division NSDMD), hosting the database through its geospatial portal. Species records are periodically added to the database by entities on the national Invasive Alien Species Working Group (IASWG) and are reviewed by the IASWG.

Please cite the information on this website as follows: Jamaica Invasive Species Database, Invasive Alien Species Working Group, Kingston, Jamaica. Accessed on (DATE).

For further information contact the Jamaica Clearing-House Mechanism:
Natural History Museum of Jamaica - Institute of Jamaica
Tel.#: (876)922-0620 (last digit up to 6) - Fax #:(876)922-1147

Disclaimer: While the Jamaica Clearing-House Mechanism (Jamaica CHM), Natural History Museum of the Institute of Jamaica will do its best to monitor the publishing of accurate and current data and information in this database, it cannot guarantee the accuracy and currency of the data and information from various information providers. The Jamaica Clearing-House Mechanism disclaims any responsibility for any inaccurate and outdated information and for any liability that may arise from the use of this website. Reliance upon any data or information obtained from the Jamaica Invasive Species Database shall be at the User's own risk.

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